Monday, December 17, 2007

Pre storm fun

Always enjoy a good rain storm especially since a below average rainfall for 2006-07 in this part of California left us pretty dry. One good storm and and we might get a coho run in time for Christmas. Went for a short bike ride, my favorite short but sweet single track, 1300 feet up and then right back down. The Titus Switchblade I ride is a few years old but climbs and descends better than any bike I've tried.
Tried installing a beta version of Office 2008 for mac on my old Powerbook G4 running Leopard. It runs but it's sooo slow. Beta releases are always a crap shoot, this one looks nice but it's very buggy, definitely not for production. I prefer Office 2007 on Windows I love the ease of use, for me the ribbon works, although some people hate it.
Mulled over the idea downloading RC of service pack 1 for Vista. Think I'll pass,I'm having 0 problems with the OS as it stands. Looking forward to the final release. On the Extreme tech podcast( mentioned that most of the service pack will not be, re-releases of updates already pushed by widows update. But have new features, a modification of UAC to lessen the steps in some cases from 4 to 1 "allows". I think Vista is an awesome OS, not without its glitches but all my hardware has always worked, it seldom crashes a program and runs fast and stable.
So much for conventional wisdow.

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