Thursday, October 1, 2009

Superantispyware Pro Version

About a year ago I reviewed Malwarebytes  antispyware program and I gave it a great review. One of the comments I received was from Mike Duncan Director of Business Development from Superantispyware, a program I’ve used for a couple of years now. The representative offered me a free license for SuperAntispyware Professional Edition. I was delighted with the offer since I’ve always been pleased with free version. So I took him up on his offer and gave it a try, and that’s where my problems began. I installed the program put in the license and all seemed fine. It worked fine until the next reboot, at this point Superantispyware would ask me for a license key each and every time I restarted the computer. So I uninstalled the pro version and forgot about it.

Eventually Mr. Duncan emailed to ask me how it was going. I let him know what happened and suggested try the latest version. So I gave it another shot and this time the program worked fine. With no issues with the license SuperAntispyware Pro began to show it stuff!

SuperAntispyware free version had always impressed me with its low resource use, the Pro version carries on this behavior using only 4280K in memory when running in the background according to the “task Manager” for all users. Running a scan bumps ram use up to 6352k, on my Dell Inspiron 1420 with a 2.2 GHZ core 2 duo. The ram usage is very lightweight and impressive, as is the free version. The real time protection you get from the Pro version is very good. It can prevent you from getting into trouble when you go to a website that’s been compromised and it does a good job of cleaning a computer that’s been infected. The “quick scan” took a while, close to a half hour on a 320 gig hard drive with about 76 gigs free. The quick scan took a little too long for my tastes but it is really more of a full scan compared to the quick scan of other programs.

SuperAntispyware Professional edition is an amazing value, for just 29.99 it provides the user a lifetime license. For this price its really hard to pass up the Pro license, no yearly subscription just a one time payment. It can be used with other antispyware programs and it makes a great combination with Malwarebytes.

SuperAntispyware Professional is a great program for a terrific price, I consider it a great value and its definitely what I consider one of the best of the new breed of anti-malware programs available today.

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