Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Leopard installation hell

A couple of weeks ago I decided to upgrade my Powerbook G4 with Leopard. I knew I was at the lower end of the hardware requirement spec. 1GB G4 processor and 768 of ram, I was just above the minimum. I decided a clean install seemed in order so I backed up my data and went to work.
I put in the disc went to disc utility and did a reformat then installed Leopard. I'd heard it was a slow process so when it took an hour and a half I wasn't to concerned. Finally the machine rebooted and I waited to do the usual registration sign in to start. I got as far as the pre login screen with the spinning wheel below the apple logo, and this was where it stayed. I waited for about half an hour and still no progress. I tried rebooting several times and this was as far as I got. So I decided something went wrong during the install. I ended up trying a fresh install 5 times. I never did get past the spinning wheel and apple logo. Finally I decided it wasn't to be and reinstalled Tiger.
After a day or so I decided to try one more time with Leopard. This time I decided to just upgrade. For some reason the install took about half the time, and worked perfectly. I've been looking around the blogs and support pages and most people end up doing a clean install when having Leopard install problems.
Well I am glad thats over, I'm enjoying the new features of Leopard and it doesn't seem to be much slower than Tiger.

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