Saturday, May 1, 2010

Palm saved by HP at the last minute

Well I may not exactly be competition for Engadget but I'm just ecstatic that HP has stepped up and bought Palm. Palm has been a great and innovative company since their inception and I would have hated to see them go away. The new Palm operating system has never gotten the popularity it deserved. The WebOS works great, it multitasks and just elegantly goes about its business doing things most mobile operating systems cant.
I admit I'm a bit biassed I own a Pre, I use it on the Verizon network and unlike the At&T network I don't have to drive for a half hour to get a signal. But best of all is the WiFi Hotspot application. To me its the one app "to rule them all and in the darkness bind them"(Sorry JRR).
So keep your 150,000 fart apps on the "Jesus phone", I'll take my Pre and now thanks to HP I'll soon have fart apps to buy on the Pre.

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