Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Peasants are at the gate

Windows 7 is a hit. On January 10th Microsoft released the public beta of their next operating system Windows 7, and to say the least it is a hit. So much in fact, it has spawned a movement of Windows enthusiasts that want it released right now. The website is trying to gain support for exactly that. Their argument, that Windows 7 is not only stable and well polished, but ready to be released immediately is founded on more than fanboi enthusiasm or wishful thinking. With the poor sales and the horrible perception of Windows Vista a reality, Windows 7 is being developed by an entirely different team at Microsoft. Their approach is to only include components of the OS that are fully baked for public consumption, and apparently it worked. I've yet to see a credible review of Windows 7 that doesn't give it high ratings. This is great news for Microsoft, the economy is the worst it's been in decades and the company needs a home run with the next operating system. I haven't seen this kind of enthusiasm for an OS from Microsoft since Windows 95 and it's about time.

So as of now the peasants have armed themselves with broomsticks and pitchforks, and are beating on the doors in Redmond, demanding Windows 7 be released, and the captors couldn't be happier.

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