Monday, March 24, 2008

Vista SP1 day 2

Well computers can be a challenge. My attempt at installing Vista service pack 1 crashed and burned. To make a long story short, the best I can do for now was to get the machine to boot into safe mode and pick a restore point just before I started the install. When I checked Vistas "Problem Reports and Solutions" one of the issues it claimed was that I needed to install a retail version of Vista, and that I was using a beta! WTF, I bought my copy of Vista at Fry's so I guess you never know, funny it never caught it before today though, considering I had updated the OS ever since I bought it with no problem. Well that was a helpful.

At least it's up and running fine again, it might be a while before I try SP1 on this machine again though.

Next on the pain train install Linux Ubuntu 8.04on a Thinkpad already running XP and Vista. Should be a piece of cake. The only question is should I install it into Windows with the new Wubi installer, or on its own partition.?

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